Please note that we intend to keep this specification as accurate and stable as possible, however this document will be subject to changes as we add more endpoints and functionality to the API. The development version of this document may have breaking changes while we work on new endpoints for the application.

We try to keep stable releases of this API with changes to this API backwards compatible whenever possible.

Allowed HTTP methods

  • GET - Get a single resource or collection of resources
  • HEAD - Get the headers that would be returned by a GET HTTP method on the same endpoint
  • POST - Create a new resource or perform
  • PUT - Update a resource
  • PATCH - Partial update of a resource
  • DELETE - Delete a resource


Responses are compressed if requested by the client. Currently gzip and deflate are supported. The client signals the desired compression by setting the Accept-Encoding header. If no Accept-Encoding header is send, Accept-Encoding: identity is assumed which will result in the API responding uncompressed.

OpenAPI/Swagger definition

All our definition is available at docs.infoflora.ch/api/.

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