Register an OAuth client

To register a client application please send us an email with the following information:

  • Your full name;
  • Your contact email;
  • The name of your company or your organization;
  • The name of your application;
  • A description of your application;
  • A description of what data you wishes to access (see APIs documentation link in the menu for more details);
  • The OAuth scopes your client will request;
  • The redirection_url you wishes to configure for this client. The URL could be either a valid public address in case of an online web application (such as or a Private-Use URI Scheme for a native application (such as org.myorganisation.myapp:/oauth2redirect/oauthprovider). Multiple redirect_url could be registered for your client. Those URLs are up to you;
  • Your username and user email (which you can find on your account profile page);
  • The kind of authentication flow you will use:
    • Client credential: Typically used to create scripts that will acces the data of a specific user;
    • Authorization code: Typically used to provide authentication of multiple InfoFlora users to your application (like our Online Fieldbook);

Send all this to You will get and answer as soon as possible with your client unique identifier (client_id) and an accompanying secret key (client_secret).